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Here at Seven Saplings Farm, we are excited for this year's U-Pick season! If you are planning to come to the orchard this year, please note that our address has changed to 333 Seven Saplings Lane, but we are at the same physical location as before. We are happy to announce that this year, we will be selling Seven Saplings T-Shirts for the first time in the shop, along with our very own half-gallon jugs of Seven Saplings Cider! Our opening day for our world-famous Honey Crisp apples as well as all of our other varieties, will be September 10th. In the shop, we will be accepting cash, card, or checks for payment on all products and merchandise. Stop in to see us from 9am to 5pm any day of the week (yes, even weekends!) throughout the season, and you will have free coffee and hot chocolate available to you anytime at the Seven Saplings Farm. We hope to see you soon! 

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